Organic Food Waste

As part of our mission to divert waste from landfills and usher in a new era of ecological sensibility, Flying Pigs Recycling now offers Organic Food Waste pickups. We couldn’t be more excited. Our commitment to sustainability is all-encompassing, and with the introduction of our Organic Food Waste collection services, we’re stepping up our game to increase the conscious options available to businesses and consumers alike.

From hotels in Kananaskis to restaurants in Lake Louise, organic food waste is an inevitable part of doing business. We’ll make the trip anywhere in the Bow Valley and surrounding areas to assess your needs and work with you to devise a plan that reduces your business’s eco-footprint. Organic waste is vital to healthy soil and our services, complete with labelled compost receptacles and affordable, timely pickups, ensure the clean and consistent disposal of your organics leads to ecological restoration. Flying Pigs Recycling is excited and ready to provide solutions that ensure the proper disposal of food waste is treated as the social and environmental responsibility it is.

Our organics services are comprehensive. We collect fruits and veggies, shellfish and bones, cooking oil, napkins, wooden stir sticks, certified compostable coffee cups/plastic bags, and so much more. Why not trust the experts? We’ll even provide training to your employees to ensure tidy and efficient operations.

With our expertise and your commitment to sustainability, all the pieces are in place to ensure the vital process of composting food waste is achieved throughout the Bow Valley. Call (403) 609-0997 or contact us and find out how we can optimize your organic food waste disposal and maximize your positive impact on the environment.

Together, we divert 10,000 kg of recyclable materials from landfills per year through the Flying Pigs Recycling program.

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