Glass Recycling Best Practices

Recycling glass, ceramic and light bulbs requires high attention to detail at the sorting stage. When any of the these materials are mixed in with another, or contaminated with food waste, they are considered contaminated and must be thrown into the trash.

Here are some hepful tips to ensure these materials do not end up in the landfill.

Glass Recycling

To effectively recycle glass couple of conditions must be met.

  • Before placing glass in your glass recycling bin ensure that the glass is clean.
  • Most glass have non glass components which must be removed. (i.e. metal or plastic lids and residual food contents). These contaminants must be removed from your glass before you recycle it.
  • Remaining food waste will act as a wildlife attractant during the recycling process and harm the ecological integrity of the Bow Valley.
  • It’s important that lids are removed prior to placing jars in your bin. Bins contaminated with metal lids will end up in the landfill.

Please note that all colours of glass can be recycled in your bin (clear, green, brown) just as long as the glass is clear of contaminants; however, most brown and green glasses are refundable beverage containers (beer bottles) and we recommend you place these bottles in your refund bin.

Ceramic Recycling

Did you know that you can recycle your plates, bowls, coffee mugs, and teapots? Ceramic materials are highly recyclable but if they are not separated from standard glass, they are needlessly taken to the landfill.

Currently, the Bow Valley does NOT have automated sorting technology for glass and ceramics. In order to ensure these materials tare recycled, Your employees must separate glass and ceramics when sorting.

If you require a set of bins to seperate glass and ceramic please contact us.

Light Bulb Recycling

Unlike other light bulbs, Fluorescent lights (long tube shaped bulbs) are lined with mercury vapour a harmful toxin that must be recycled with great care.

It is crucial that customers identify and wrap their fluorescent bulbs and compile them separately from other types of light bulbs.

Customers should group fluorescent tubes & wrap them together with tape and bubble wrap, or by placing them back in the cardboard box. We will pick up the dead bulbs and ensure they are disposed of properly (limiting harmful mercury exposure to people and our environment).

Using the services of Flying Pigs Recycling has greatly enhanced our efforts in recycling and diversion of waste over a period of several years.

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